​New Hope Baptist

New Hope Baptist

Pastor Timothy Brown

            We may be the church you are looking for! Are you looking for a God centered church? Are you looking for a Bible believing church? Are you looking for a church family who loves each other, and will love you deeply? We are that church!

            Are you tired of church being all about us? Church should be focused on the Glory of One! Man centered programs in our churches today have entertained us, but left us spiritually empty. We have missed our focus! Church isn’t about our self-centered wants. Pursuing our desires leaves us empty. Desiring God satisfies our greatest hunger and thirst. Our God and Savior Jesus Christ is the center of our worship at New Hope!

            Do you believe the Bible is still important? The Bible shouldn’t only be used for proof texts. We shouldn’t only use it to prove our pet doctrines. We should adhere to the whole council of God’s Word! Are you tired of people picking and choosing what they want to believe about the Bible? We are too! We struggle to understand the teachings of this Holy Book from God!

            We need to run back to the Bible in our day instead of spinning our wheels on the mud and muck (programs etc.) of human invention. Preaching/teaching the scripture is the call of pastors and churches (Ephesians 2:20). God inspired prophets and apostles to preach, and write HIS WORD to us. We are to say what they said. We do not need something NEW; We need something TRUE. We need Jesus! (John 14:6)  

            In 1 John 4:21, the Bible says that if you love God you’ll also love His family. We believe church family is important at New Hope. God has been growing a family of believers at our church. We love our Lord Jesus Christ and each other. That love is expressed in our daily lives! In Hebrews 10:25 the Bible says, “Don’t forsake assembling together as a church”. When you love your church family you won’t forsake it.

            We desire to evangelize. That means to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We haven’t done anything good that would cause God to want us. We aren’t able to be that good! God wants us! He sent His Son to die as our substitute, and He did die on the cross. Death had no power over Jesus, so He was resurrected. He is now at the right hand of God the Father, and He is about to come back to usher us into His Kingdom! That is good news!

            We may actually be your church! Come and see if we are what God has for you!

God Bless You!!!

Pastor, Timothy Brown


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